Originated from GUANDEI Industry Design Department, GUANDEI INTERNATIONAL PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE was established in 1997 and has been in business for twenty years. Our headquarters is located in Central Taiwan where the industry is quite prosperous.

  Among over hundreds of patent offices in Central Taiwan, we are ranked in top 5 as a result of considerable quantities of patent applications in 2007. While GUANDEI INTERNATIONAL PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE focuses on the business of filing and granting patents and trademarks, we handle related legal litigation and lawsuits as well. We act for clients in various fields such as electronics, electronic machinery, chemical engineering, materials engineering and mechanical engineering.

  Our staff has been increased from five to twenty people up to the present. There are four patent lawyers specializing in international patent and trademark law affairs and three trademark agents having substantial experience in this area for more than ten years.

  For trademarks, we are also ranked in top 5 companies due to a large number of trademark applications. The issuance rate of trademark applications in Taiwan averages 87%, while the rate in our office could reach 95%. This high issuance rate is owing to the successful search in the trademark database constructed by our firm before filing trademarks. Accordingly, our office is definitely the only choice worthy of your trust.

  In accordance with Experience, Specialty, Foresight and Outstanding Opinion, we sincerely provide clients with the most professional service and we believe GUANDEI INTERNATIONAL PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE will always be your best choice.

From the viewpoints of clients to gain ultimate profits for them

 In accordance with this philosophy, we care not merely about the efficiency and quality of drafting patent specification, but also about the higher issuance rate than average. Most important of all, we know the value of Patent right is on its effectiveness and protection after granted. Therefore, the certificate of patent we hand over to clients is both a sword and a shield over their rights, rather than a decoration on the wall.

 All applications in this firm are under reasonable estimation and investigation. The target includes the possibilities of development of products, market research, the challenges from competitors, and etc. For almost 30% cases, we would honestly suggest clients not to file applications after deliberate consideration. As a result we could save 30~40% patent related fees for our clients every year and at the same time promote the quality of applications.

 When processing each application, we keep good interaction with clients and consult revised laws and regulations to draft a well-protected specification for achieving the ultimate protection. Thus, filing dates is not our exclusive concern. To provide complete and perfect protection, we deliberate each detail in the specification and present precaution in light of competitors’ future research trend.

 Once an application is filed, we will check the status at regular intervals and actively send letters to expedite the examination. After the Certificate is issued, we will include the case into annuity monitor system and send reminder of renewals.
Our firm has continuously updated internal patent database, and further purchased 7 databases in Europe, United States, China, Taiwan and Japan. We also invest on staff education and training so as to provide the clients with best service.

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